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Summer Programs

Is your child looking for something different this summer?

Have them try one of our exciting music programs!

Our summer programs offer an exciting opportunity to try out music lessons before fall.

Some of our summer programs include:

  • Making Music Fun week-long camps
  • Making Music Fun weekly classes
  • Group and semi private piano lessons
  • Private lessons
  • Beginner lesson packages

If your child is looking for something musical, yet fun and casual, one of our camps or weekly classes would be an awesome musical adventure.

For the more serious student, piano lessons (group, semi private or private) are the way to go!

For details and to register, visit our registration page

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Oct 3, and still going … sorta …

It has been a whirlwind couple of weeks around here.   I still manage to keep up with my practicing, though not as much as will be necessary to complete the challenge.  I have started 8 new pieces – pieces I have never learned or seen before.  Once I figure how to record them successfully, I will start to record, upload, and check them off my list.

Sept 17, 2016: I have begun !

This year, I am participating in a 40 piece challenge with an amazing group of music teachers.  I plan to post my progress here.   I have started my first pieces.  6 new pieces that I have not played before.  I wonder how long it will take me to get them done … oh … and shop for more music 🙂    Wish me luck ….

Piano Program


We offer a variety of private and group instruction to suit all types of students and family situations.  From our piano performance program to group piano lessons, there is something for everyone who wants to learn to play the piano.  Our piano programs require dedication to home practice and a suitable instrument.  If you are looking for something more casual, try out our Making Music Fun for Kids group programs.

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Vocal Program

program_vocalDo you love to sing?  Come sing with us!  This fun vocal performance group program provides opportunities for singing in harmony, singing solos, building confidence, and having a great time with fellow vocalists.   For ages 12 & up.   Younger students interested in singing should try one of our Making Music Fun for Kids group programs.

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