Become a Sponsor

Would you like to make a truly amazing difference in a child’s life?

Music lessons do not always retain, or even find a place in the family budget, and it is my belief that every child should have access to music lessons. Amazingly fun music lessons! Not all families can do this for their child(ren), even though the family’s desire, support and encouragement might be in place. Please consider supporting the scholarship program, so that children in need can continue their musical journey.

What it means to a child to have music lessons

Given that music education and opportunities have been removed from most school systems, children will grow up without any of these valuable life skills. Did you know that children who have the opportunity to study music have an easier time with academics, social skills, discipline, patience, and self esteem?

What it means to become a sponsor

When you support the scholarship program, you will positively change the life of a child. Every dollar donated is credited directly to the accounts of families in need. Sponsorship and donations in any amount are absolutely welcome and truly appreciated!

Students will be invited to apply for tuition assistance scholarships and have to meet certain criteria. The students must:

* complete an initial 10 week introductory session prior to applying for a scholarship

* apply for the scholarship, outlining what music lesson tuition assistance would mean for themselves and their family

* exhibit consistency in practice habits, attendance, attitude, progress, and family support and continue this for the duration of their participation in the scholarship program

How much do music lessons cost?

Music lessons can cost anywhere from $800 to more than a $1000 per year, depending on the program and length of lesson, so it is important to continue to grow the scholarship program for families in need.